#2: Visit a New NBA Stadium/Center/Arena & #8: Travel to a New State

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     I’ve always been a basketball fanatic. Because of that, I wanted to make it a goal of mine to visit a new NBA venue this year. The tough part for me would be which one as there are so many that I want to visit!

     Last year, I went to the NCAA March Madness basketball games in Chicago, IL with a few friends and had a blast. Wanting to go visit those same friends in Indianapolis (plus Michaela), where they had relocated to upon graduation,  I figured it would be convenient for me to kill 3 birds with 1 stone – visiting a new NBA venue, traveling to a new state, and visiting those friends I hadn’t seen in what felt like forever.

Soooo we bought tickets to the sessions at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse not knowing who would be playing where (which was a blessing in disguise because the tickets skyrocketed once the teams came out). We got really good seats and had a weekend filled with basketball! It just so happened that the Monster Energy Supercross was also in Indianapolis on the Saturday we were there and had no plans so we also bought tickets for that and I got to visit Lucas Oil Stadium as well! It was a full weekend filled with lots of driving, basketball, dirt biking, and great company.

The picture at the top left was one Allie took during the second session – the two guys to the right of me were also part of our group…they’re just camera shy haha. As you can see, we still rocked our Iowa State gear (though they did not play in Indianapolis), met another Iowa State fan, of course, and even spotted Georges Niang! Iowa State fans are everywhere!



-A. Stukes


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